India Banega Manch TV Show at Colors TV channel is getting launched on 7th May 2017. India gear up as this time, talent is coming to you! #IndiaBanegaManch starts 7th May, Sat-Sun 9PM!

India Banega Manch launch date, Timing, Details

from 7th May Sat-Sun at 9 PM

A new talent show that takes place in the street with no audience, no votes & no judges.The street is the talents stage and all they have to do is to win the crowd. We place two hosts inside a mobile T.V control room and we park it next to a busy street corner, the corner covered by hidden cameras. We invite artists of different art forms to perform. Apart from only chats and interactions as in the international format , we will plan a lot of fun interactions and gags with our anchors in the show. There will be 4 episode in each city. Looking at shooting in 3 cities,

Every performer has a stipulated time limit, to attract as many viewers possible. For every person that stops to watch, they score 1 point per one person. Some performers attract huge crowds and others gets turn backs only. Every performer is  invited by the hosts to view their score in the mobile control room. If their score is higher than the previous performer they stay in their chair, if their score is less, they must give up their seat.
The performer who has the biggest audience for that ep is the winner of that episode .
The winners of the 16 episode,  will go into the studio based episode where they will compete against each other for ONE FINAL WINNER OF THE SEASON.