Indian Idol season 9 comes to an end now and grand finale was a grande Affair in True Sense. So Many Performances and Many esteemed guests- It was a starry night which lead to crowning L V Revanth as Indian Idol 9 Winner

26-year-old LV Revanth, has won a prize money of Rs. 25 lakh and a contract with Universal Music.

Master Blaster Sachin Tendulkar handed over the trophy to L V Revanth with other judges Anu Malik, Farah Khan and Sonu Nigam in attendance.

We always maintained how L V Revanth is best choice and how it is so obvious and makes perfect sense to chose him a winner.

But one can not miss other two runner ups- 1.First runner up is Khuda Baksh 2. Second runner up is PVNS Rohit.

LV Revanth Indian Idol 9 Winner- LV Revanth wins Indian Idol 2017

So Obvious happened Indian Idol Winner Revealed- L V Revanth Wins. L V Revanth the front-runner from start was a obvious choice considering his great Fan base. Many Polls have given him a upper hand from start. He was our pick.

LV Revanth is indeed the best Choice for Indian Idol 2017 Winner Crown. I guess this would be the first Indian Idol season where One contestant is most suitable and clear choice from First episode. I am not undermining the other contestants, Khuda Baksh and PVNS Rohit. One may argue given Revanth was already a established Professional singer- He has the edge. He may have but it is the past and now one should vote for most eligible and complete package.

Indian Idol 9 Finale :-Sunil Grover, Sachin Tendulkar as Guests

Indian Idol 9 Finale is going to be superhit Grande Affair considering the Guest List. First of All Master Blaster Sachin Tendulkar‘s Presence makes it a “No you can’t miss’ event”. Sunil grover AKA Mashur Gulati & Rinku Bhabhi