So Finally we have the official List of Top 14 contestants List who has been finalised after Teater Round. Read More about INDIAN IDOL 2017 Top 14 Idols List | Top 14 Contestants List here. After completion of  THEATER ROUND, Finally Indian Idol 9 2016 has got its Top 14 Idols or its Top 14 Contestants.

A Theater round is where  selected group of contestants  from all regional auditions come  to perform in    a duo  where contestants must memorize a pre selected song to perform and choreograph together, and finally a solo  round where contestants sing a song of their own choice without musical backing in front of friends, family, judges & fellow contestants.

Each stage of the theater round, a number of contestants are eliminated  by the judges.

So, surely the Top 14 contestants are power house of talent and they will show their power pack performance in the next coming rounds.


INDIAN IDOL 2016 Top 14 Idols List | INDIAN IDOL 2016 Top 14 Contestants List

The Names of  Top 14 Idols are :

Bharti Gupta

Bharti Gupta Indian Idol 9 Contestant- Audition Video


Mohit Chopra

Mohit Chopra Indian Idol Season 9 Contestant- Audition,Info

Manasi Bharadwaj

Hardeep Singh


Manya Narang

Manya Narang in Indial Idol 9- Who is she?

Tajinder Singh

Tajinder Singh Indian Idol 9 Contestant- Who is He? Audition

Khuda Baksh

Khuda baksh the Find of Indian Idol 9- Indian Idol 2017 Theater Round


R P Shravan Indian Idol 9 Contestant- Top 12 Performance in Indian Idol 2017

Sowmya Mishra

Indian Idol 2017 Top 12 Contestants: Saumya Mishra Performance,Audition

Jeli Kayi

Indian Idol 2017 Theater Round- Thupten and Jeli Kayi performance

Stutee Tiwari

Stuti Tiwari Indian Idol 9 Contestant- Audition Video, Info

LV Revanth Kumar

L V Revanth Baahubali Singer At Indian Idol 9- Who is He?

Malvika Sundar


PVNS Rohit

PVNS Rohit in Indian Idol 2017 Top 12- Theater Round Indian Idol 9