Indian Idol 9 Episode 15 got an awesome Start This weekend where everyone grooved to the DJ Special episode of Indian Idol. LV Revanth was at his best mimicking his fellow contestants on DJ Akbar Sami’ Retro special episode. Khuda Bhaksh and Malavika Sunder were exceptionally good.

Tejinder singh, Manya Narang and Hardeep Singh were decided as bottom 3.

Then Manya Narang Made it to Top 8 safely. Then The lover boy  Hardeep Singh was eliminated on basis of Online voting.

Previously Indian Idol Contestants Top 8 were:-

Top 8 Indian Idol 9 contestant Lists out Now- Tejinder, Khuda Bhaksh and PVNS Rohit made their shaky entry

L V Revanth

Malvika Suundar


Tejinder singh

Khuda Baksh

PVNS Rohit

Hardeep Singh

R P Shravan

But then Manya Narang made it thru wild Card entry so it became again Top 9 Indian Idol Contestant.