So Obvious happened Indian Idol Winner Revealed- L V Revanth Wins. L V Revanth the front-runner from start was a obvious choice considering his great Fan base. Many Polls have given him a upper hand from start. He was our pick.

Thanks u so much for ur love and support form the bottom of my heart love u all

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LV Revanth is indeed the best Choice for Indian Idol 2017 Winner Crown. I guess this would be the first Indian Idol season where One contestant is most suitable and clear choice from First episode. I am not undermining the other contestants, Khuda Baksh and PVNS Rohit. One may argue given Revanth was already a established Professional singer- He has the edge. He may have but it is the past and now one should vote for most eligible and complete package.

LV Revanth is one of the top contenders of Indian Idol 9- Hindustan Times

According to our poll result, LV Revanth should win this season of the reality show. Out of the total 290 votes, Revanth got 55% votes, followed by Khuda Baksh (34%) and PVSN Rohit (11%)- Indian Express

L V Revanth performing Indian Idol pre finale concert in Indore


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