Maalavika Sundar the Indian Idol Winner is not a remote guess but it can happen. She has all able qualities to be ultimate winner which we want. She is the most classical Trained singer in Indian Idol 2016 and her unique voice makes her the formidable competitor.

Who is Maalavika Sundar?


A great performer from the south and a well-rounded voice making her a complete singer on stage, Maalavika has been training in singing since she was just 2.5 years old.

Already pursuing a singing career in Chennai and inspired by the growth of her close friend and ex-contestant on the Idol stage – Nityashri, Maalavika is determined to make the most of this opportunity that she has gotten here at Indian Idol.

Watch Indian Idol – Malvika Sundar’s Journey?

Watch contestant Malvika Sundar’s journey to Indian Idol and her hopes for the show, also check out how her love towards singing helped her to get into Top 24.