Wow we are good at predicting aren’t we! We told you already that Manya Narang gonna rock Indian Idol 2017 and she did! Manya Narang in Indian Idol 2017 Grand Premiere Episode is a must watch and you will say what a Performance. She is complemented by our own judge Farah Khan ” This is your Best Performance Till  Date”.

Watch Manya Narang in Indian Idol 2017 Grand Premiere Episode- Preview

Watch Manya’s melodious performance in the Grand Premiere of #IndianIdol, this Sat-Sun at 8 pm.

Manya Narang in Indial Idol 9- Who is she?

Manya narang a Contestant from Delhi seems winning the Heart of Judges at Indian Idol 9 by her Beauty and singing Talent. Perfect combo which this season of Indian Idol needs to prosper.

Manya narang Indian Idol 9 Theater Round Performance

Manya Narang Indian Idol 9 Contestant, a Delhi-Based Singer And Performer, is simply the best combination of beauty and talent in this season of  Indian Idol 2017. And Now that she is in Top 14 it doesn’t surprise us we were expecting same and has  predicted. She as Indian Idol 9 Contestant will be rocking the Bollywood soon our next prediction.