L V Revanth has been the Best in Indian Idol 9 so far, given his professional approach to singing and choice of songs. He has the class and Hero’s Voice as Farah Khan pointed out.


But as Indian Idol 2017 progress the competition is going to be lot tougher and he must try singing in other genre as well.

Revanth Vs other Contestants in Indian Idol 2017

I put Jelli Kayi, Manya Narang and Revanth in same cateogory as they like to try peppy and trendy songs of their chosing. But they have not been very different or unique as R.P.Shravan, Khuda Bhaksh, Malavika Sundar or PVNS Rohit have been!

What should L V revanth sing Next?

So our suggestion for L V revanth to try some of the old classics full of Classical Music Gyan and come out as a complete package!

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Revanth in Indian Idol 9 Grand Premier- Episode 7 14th January 2017


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