Stuti Tiwari, Indian Idol 9 Contestant, looks like a pro, a well trained Singer who is ought to excel in Indian Idol Season 9 given her classical background. She received Golden Mike from Judges it means she is in Top 24.

Stuti Tiwari Indian Idol 9 Contestant- Audition Video:-

Indian Idol 2016 – Indian Idol Official Website…/stutitiwari’sauditionindianidol

Stuti Tiwari’s AuditionIndian Idol Performance | 25 Dec 2016

Who is Stuti Tiwari / Stutee Tiwari?

Stutee Tiwari is Indian Idol 2017 Contestant basically from Delhi. She has also appeared in SAREGAMAPA Lil Champ 2011 on Zee Tv.

Watch Stutee in SAREGAMAPA Lil Champ 2011 on Zee Tv

Watch Stuti Tiwari / Stutee Tiwari in One of Her Live Performance


Stutee  Tiwary is a versatile singer  who can sing almost all segments of songs. Above video is of when she was in class 9 in st xavier school delhi. with her melodius voice she has won many awards in music.